2018 Policies      
Welcome!  Please read policies; by participating as a seller / vendor you agree to follow them.

SALES OF COUNTERFEIT GOODS NOT ALLOWED.  This includes new goods that are sold under a brand name without the brand owner's authorization.  No exceptions. Management reserves the right to inspect and search any goods being sold by a vendor if Management has reason to believe that counterfeit goods are being sold.  Any vendors found selling counterfeit goods will be asked to leave the grounds without refund of their vendor fee.  Additionally, no new or used Coach® products are allowed to be sold at the flea market.  Any vendor's or customer's assistance is appreciated regarding illegal activity; please notify LFM management should you suspect illegal activity.

Vendors selling new ladies' and/or men's accessory products that are not American made need approval.

A license is required to sell tobacco, alcohol, some firearms/weapons and some foods.

Food / beverage selling requires permission.   1st time(each season) sellers are not allowed to sell cold drinks; after this, only one one-person carry cooler is allowed at space.

All items for sale / services offered must be acceptable.

Vendors/sellers must be open for business 8AM to 3PM.  Packed up and/ or leaving before 3PM is a violation of the rental agreement & therefore may result in non rebate of space fee and deposit.

Anyone under 18 years is a minor and must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.  Avoid selling to minors.  Anyone found selling, giving, or making available, a knife, weapon, anything dangerous to a minor will be barred from flea market.

Market open hours for customers are Saturdays & Sundays 8am-3pm (weather permitting), April - October.

Decisions on opening / closing due to inclement weather are made each day at 5:30am and then posted on the website.  It is sole discretion of management whether to open / close before 3pm.

Check-in is 6:00-7:15AM; there is an attendant at entrance to assist.

Reservations are held until 7AM, check-out is 3-4PM, please vacate grounds by 5PM. 

Reservations are not required on most weekends, but may be made by calling ahead or email only during the week prior to the planned weekend of participation; reservations are not taken for the basic 2 table space. For guaranteed specific space, payment ahead of time is required and you must be positioned in the space no later than 7AM or risk the chance of it being given to another vendor.  If you paid in advance & decide not to set-up for the day(s), call the market & your paid status will advance to the next weekend or be refunded; call must be made before 5:45AM of the reserved day to avoid being charged.  Please avoid calls to market between 9PM - 5AM, during this time, if answered will be by machine only.

Each calendar year the market gives a free* basic space to every family setting-up for one entire weekend(Sat and Sun); the weekend may not be split into a Saturday one weekend & a Sunday another. Participating one day is OK. Participating Saturday only is free*. Participating Sunday only there is a basic space $10 fee*.    *Regular space fee and a deposit are collected at check-in; providing policies are adhered to, the fee and/or deposit are rebated upon check-out between 3 and 4pm.

A basic space comes with 2 free tables:  Saturday $15    Sunday $30   weekend $35    Additional deposit at check-in is $10.     additional tables, up to 3 more are $2 each.  a shade canopy is $7 for 1 day, $10 for weekend. electricity is available at some spaces, $5 per weekend.

Nonprofit 501(c) 3 organizations are given free space every day / weekend.

Full season vendor participation is available for a greatly discounted rate.  Call office (883-4196) to discuss details with manager.

Customers & vendors are not allowed to circulate the grounds, shop, buy , sell,  until the bell rings at 8AM.

Vendors may park one vehicle at their selling site; movement of vehicle in selling area is not allowed 8AM - 3PM.  If you intend to move your vehicle before 3PM, your vehicle must be parked in a customer parking area.  Please adhere to traffic control signs; one-way roadways, exits, and entrances; they were established for everyone's safety.  Before 8AM all vendors & associates who do not require processing-in must enter via Avery Road. Vendors & associates are not allowed to enter the premises through either of the 2 exits during market hours 8AM-3PM; the main entrance must be used.  Speed limit is 5mph.  Use roadways & do not take shortcuts across a grass area.

Customer walkways are to be clear of items for sale & fixtures.

Vendors/sellers may not discard or leave behind any boxes, packing materials, or unwanted items anywhere on the premises.  Leaving items is a violation, therefore deposit will not be rebated. 

Trash receptacles are for food service trash only except in event of broken glass; contact a LFM employee for assistance. Each vendor is responsible for their assigned space to be clear of all items and debris, including cigarette butts, at the end of the day.  Please check your area for items that may be caught and thrown by a mower and remember to remove any item you drove into the ground.  A chart is constructed every day of vendors' positions on the premises.

Any vendor/seller with items on the premises not having paid for the space and without arrangements with management is considered to have abandoned their items; these items are subject to be sold, given away, or disposed of without notice.

Friendly leashed (max 6') dogs are permitted, with your responsibility to pick up & properly dispose of messes.

Shirts & shoes are required during operating hours.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages on market grounds during operation is not allowed.

Reasonable care and protection is given to property and people on the premises.  Seller/vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the operator, employees ,owner of the premises, against all claims for injury and damage to persons and property arising out of, or in any way related to seller’s operations, including all costs, expenses and attorney’s fees incurred by the operator, employees, owner.   The operator, employees, owner, are not responsible for injuries caused by others or injury to persons entering these premises.  Also, operator, employees, owner, are not responsible for damage or loss due to fire, theft, breakage, collision, articles left in vehicles, or vendor inventory, at any time including non-operating hours.

Our aim is to make your participation pleasant as well as profitable.  Have a fleatastic day!©

Management at its sole discretion reserves the right to refuse admission to or end participation of any vendor or visitor, individual or group of individuals at any time.

Policies are subject to change without notice.